DK Cakes and Catering
At DK Cakes and Catering we offer a full line of desserts. If you do not see what you are looking for, please ask!

Baklava-Assortment of miniature baklava, comprised of double chocolate triangles, mini pecan blossoms, chocolate almond rolls, and honey walnut triangles.  $1.15 ea  min. 50

Decadent- French chocolate truffle dessert purses.
Coconut wafer topped with chocolate ganache wrapped in a phyllo purse    $1.99 ea. min 50

Gourmet cheesecake pops
Assortment concists of three delicious flavors Top hat, cashmere, and three chocolate tuxedo.  $1.75 ea  miin. 50

Cheesecake purse assortment
includesw both blueberry and wild cherry cheesecake  $1.99 ea

Mini Cheesecake Tropical assortment.
A cool tropical assortment of bite sized delectable cheesecakes with sweet graham cracker crust and colorful puree swirl. Key lime, Strawberry margarita, and Lemon Blueberry.  $1.98 ea min 50

Petit fours Black and White Tuxedo collection. Rich, royal chocolate, and royal vanilla buttercreams compliment a moist cake.   $1`.79 ea. min 50

Petit fours Chocolate lovers.
Red Velvet, Double Chocolate, Irish Creme, Coffee Liqueur, Caramel, Cookies n Cream, Royal Chocolate, and Royal Vanilla  $1.79 ea. min 50

Petit fours coffee lovers
Coffee Liqueur, Cappuccino,  Irish Creme, and French vanilla     $1.75 ea  min 50